Professional Kitchen Extraction & Ventilation Cleaning

Cleaned to TR19 Fire regulations standards.

All our staff have completed the Grease Hygiene Technician Course, which is an in-depth 3 day course on how to clean ductwork and extraction systems to the TR19 Regulation standard. This course was hosted by BESA engineering Services Association Ltd. Certificates can be provided if required.

State of the art, power brush technology

We use the HEYS Duct Rotary Brushing Machine to clean internal ductwork and a powerful de greasing chemical, a foaming cleaning agent that clings to grease.

How clean is your system? Does it need cleaning?

During the quotation, we will assess whether your system needs cleaning, by taking grease depth readings. This will be in your post clean report. We will recommend how often you should have your ducting cleaned.

Cleaning undertaken at a time best suited for your business

Down time for any business is expensive. We can arrange to do your ducting cleaning whenever best suits your business.

Pre and Post Clean report

We will provide an in-depth report, which will include; pictures of before and after the cleans, Grease recording, any required safety actions and how often you need to clean your ducting.


We will provide a certificate, once the clean has been completed.

Baffle and Mesh filters cleaned

Using Ultra sonic technology, we can remove all grease from all your filters used within your ducking units and kitchen canopies

Access Doors

Sometimes access doors are needed to clean the ductwork to the TR19 Standard. We can install access doors we would always ask for your permission before doing so.

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